Greatest Hits Gallery

Owning a digital camera has changed the way I do photography. I have been a competent photographer since high school, and I have been able to call myself a professional photojournalist -- in that I got paid and published -- for more than 30 years. Nonetheless, over time, I have come to understand the extent of my talent and the strength of my motivation. I started asking myself, "am I here to enjoy this, or am I here to photograph it?" and I started leaving the camera at home.

It appears I was waiting for digital photography and the Internet. When cameras in the 4-megapixel range became more or less affordable I bought one, wondering if it would turn out to be the silliest thing I had ever done. Quite to the contrary, my mid-range Sony digital camera is exactly the tool for the job I want to do. The optics are excellent in the price range, and at four megapixels, the image quality is good enough for my purposes. The automatic settings are usually superior to my own judgement -- bitter to acknowledge, but it's the truth -- and now that I'm old enough for trifocals, the autofocus is a godsend. The camera and a spare battery fit in a fanny pack, and with a 128MB memory stick I can take pictures all weekend before the camera runs out of power or memory. I very seldom leave the house without it anymore.

Occasionally I get an image I'm particularly happy with, and that's what you'll find in this gallery. Most of these pictures were taken close to home, which is where you'll usually find me. For my motivation, I need to acknowledge Elvis -- Mr. Gooddog -- without whom I would not get these photo opportunities nearly so often. Click on the small gallery images to see bigger versions.

DSC00009 DSC00013 DSC00157 DSC00161 DSC00166
DSC00009.jpg DSC00013.jpg DSC00157.jpg DSC00161.jpg DSC00166.jpg
DSC00266 DSC00409 DSC00415 DSC00418 DSC00419
DSC00266.jpg DSC00409.jpg DSC00415.jpg DSC00418.jpg DSC00419.jpg
DSC00463 DSC00487 DSC00508 DSC00518 DSC00526
DSC00463.jpg DSC00487.jpg DSC00508.jpg DSC00518.jpg DSC00526.jpg
DSC00535 DSC00536 DSC00541 DSC00548 DSC00576
DSC00535.jpg DSC00536.jpg DSC00541.jpg DSC00548.jpg DSC00576.jpg
DSC00581 DSC00609 DSC00616 DSC00617 DSC00620
DSC00581.jpg DSC00609.jpg DSC00616.jpg DSC00617.jpg DSC00620.jpg
DSC00843 DSC00849 DSC00860 DSC00870 DSC00871
DSC00843.jpg DSC00849.jpg DSC00860.jpg DSC00870.jpg DSC00871.jpg