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Note as of July, 2017: Several years ago I decided the world couldn't live with a blog by me, so I created "Odd Man Out" and installed WordPress software on this domain. As it turned out, blogging is more work than I actually wanted to do, so I let it slide – and eventually WordPress automatic updates took the site down completely. I've got most things back, but the site is definitely Under Construction as long as you can see this post. If you absolutely require some information that might be here, contact me through the email links and I'll figure something out.

Raindog Editorial LogoA small freelance business …

I named it Raindog Editorial Services, in honor of Judy, the dog third from left above, but "Editorial" doesn't completely describe the work I'm finding. Click on the logo to open my business site.

John William Will FamilyHistory of the Will Family

Thirty-two members of the Will Family arrived in New York on October 12, 1839, on the ship Emma, out of Bremen. Thanks to a great-uncle who began keep records and collecting stories in the 1920s, we know the history of our immediate family from that point, and we're interested in learning about the rest of the Wills, wherever they have gotten to.

The 1840 census places our branch of the family in Muscatine, Iowa. By 1850, they were involved with William Keil's Christian communal society in Bethel, Missouri. In the late 1850s, the Bethel group decided to expand, and the Wills were on the 1862 wagon train to the Aurora Colony, in Oregon. A click on the picture at right will open the Will Family History page.

Elvis Sauvie IslandThe dogs here

I have been blessed to have dogs for most of my life. I took care of them in my way, they took care of me in their ways, and my life has been better for the caring and company of my canine buddies. I have never actually chosen a dog – either they flat-out chose me, or they showed up in circumstances that made it impossible for me to turn away. I have never regretted it. Clicking on the picture of Elvis, at right, will open the dog page.

Rainbow250Pictures that were worth keeping

I'm a fairly serious amateur photographer, and every once in a while I get a picture that I'm happy with. Here's a link to some shots – in no particular order – that seemed to me to be keepers. They are almost all taken in the State of Oregon, between 2001 and the present.

GLAPN logoA little activism

I'm the secretary and webmaster of Gay & Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest (GLAPN), a group that documents the history of all sexual minorities in the northwest. Given everything I learned in school about liberty and justice for all, it's a bitter pill to know I'm part of a minority that has fewer civil rights than convicted murderers have, and that there are well-funded national organizations calling for my incarceration and/or death. Making our history public is one of the ways we can call attention to that anomaly. Clicking on the logo at right opens GLAPN's website.

Robin Bagby TrailRants, raves, an autobiography and a blog

One of the benefits of paying for a website is getting to publish whatever you want. Sex, booze, drugs, country music -- I'm talking about my autobiography. You read it here first.

A click on the picture at right will open the autobiography.